• 1. What is is a website that allows you to redeem a digital copy of your purchased movie with one of the participating providers of your choice from any web browser on a connected device. It also provides you with the ability to watch on many supported mobile devices or web browsers. Please note, offers and participating providers may vary by title and by region. With digital copy, you no longer need a physical DVD or Blu-Ray to enjoy your content.

    Paramount Digital Copy operates on the following browsers:

    • Safari 8 or higher
    • Firefox 42 or higher
    • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
    • Chrome 45 or higher
  • 2. What is a digital copy code and where can I find it?

    It is an alphanumeric code printed on a paper insert located inside your physical media package (which may comprise of a combination of DVD, Blu-ray, and/or 4K/UHD disc(s)). Such codes can be redeemed through for a licensed access to a digital version of the movie.

  • 3. What is included with my digital copy?

    Depending on which package (DVD, Blu-ray or UHD) of the title you purchase and the participating provider you choose, the digital copy offer includes at minimum a high definition version of your movie. High definition movies may adjust to standard definition on compatible devices or screens that do not support higher resolutions. Please check with your chosen provider for more details as to their specific offerings, which may include additional features

  • 4. How do I redeem my digital copy code?

    Find the digital copy code on your paper insert inside the DVD, Blu-ray or UHD package. Enter your code and select one of the many participating digital copy providers. Follow the instructions to log onto your selected provider's site and enjoy your movie!

  • 5. What if my digital copy code insert is missing or my digital copy code is not redeeming correctly?

    First, please verify that your purchase includes a digital copy code, usually called out in the front or back of the packaging. If your purchase did include a digital copy code, please check that you are entering the correct characters; some letters and numbers look similar and use of incorrect characters may be causing the error message. For example, B vs. 8, S vs. 5, 0 vs. O, I vs. 1 and W vs. VV. Please check the insert for further details.

    If you are still receiving an “Invalid Code” or any other error message, please contact us for assistance.

    Please include the following information:

    • Your name, email-address, country of purchase.
    • Was your code misplaced, missing / illegible or invalid?
    • If your code was invalid, what is your invalid code?
    • The UPC number located under the barcode on the original manufacturer packaging.
  • 6. Will my digital copy code expire?

    Yes, all digital copy codes have an expiration date as printed on the packaging. Please see the paper insert with the code for more details or contact us if you need further assistance

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